Turn off Emails at an Individual Level

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I only want to receive one email which is when a card is assigned to me and I've been getting those. However I do not want to receive an email on EVERY SINGLE comment on the card or do I want to receive an email after my name has been taken off the card.

Surely there is a way to edit these settings at an individual level?


I know you can do it at a group level but unfortunately the less organised members of our team need those emails :cry:

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@adam deltinger thanks for that but I thought that is for everyone in the group. I want to be able to turn off notifications for myself only, is that possible?


I don't want to update the Plan Settings only to find out that it is for everyone in the group.

@adam deltinger thanks for sharing that article. Good to hear they are slowly making changes however I am still receiving an email when comments are added. Even when I comment on a card I receive an email.

Why did someone mark the response from @adam deltinger as the best response? It was great that he shared that article but it does not solve my issue I still can't change how many emails I am receiving. The most annoying email is when I comment on a card/task and I still get an email with MY COMMENT...