Single task to be done by multiple users


With Microsoft Planner, we can add multiple people to a single task, but if anyone of them marks it as complete the whole task will be marked as complete.


But I would like to assign a task to my team which each of them needs to complete individually and I would like to keep a track of who has completed and who has not. Is this possible?

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This is not possible with Planner. The task gets closed if any one of the team member completes it.
Is it possible with any other application?
No, there is currently not an app in Office 365 that covers your scenario

So there is no way out of the box to do this, but you can do it via a flow. Here is an example if you want to generate separate tasks. You could Put in some kind of Keyword such as Group Task: for a task title, which will be true for a condition checking Starts with = Group Task: then iterate through the Team / Group membership and create tasks for each. 


You can plug in relevant info, but just an option. It's obviously not something you could do for all Teams, but if you had a specific need you could do this, and it's fairly straight forward to do. 



As a user of the planner application for almost 6 months, your asking for sub-tasks - a task that branches off as a separate record.

Only known of it used in help desk / service desk management solutions. I'm behind the idea for teams and planner integration and if this feature was included it would be a game changer for project management scenarios whereby your deploying modular software in different configurations everytime its difficult to nail down a route for implementations.

I devulge- so back to your question, I'd suggest renaming a bucket and treat that as your group or the plan = the group and you create individual task from there to each user.
I do not want to create individual tasks for each user. It is a single task(logging work hours in excel) & I would like to track how many of the users have completed the task. I don't want to create subtasks as there is not sub-task, it is just one task to be done by multiple people.
Your contradicting yourself. First you say you don’t want want a task for each user but then say it’s one task that they all have to do. I’m confused...assuming your then looking for a way to have one task with a way for each person to update and mark their piece complete?

"assuming your then looking for a way to have one task with a way for each person to update and mark their piece complete?"


Yes, that's what I need. I need a way to assign a single task to multiple users and each of them should mark their piece.

Only one tool can do this thing.

That is Google classroom.

You can create class, add all your team as students and create a assignment.

This will be assigned to each single member

And you can check reports and also reaward marks as per member performance.
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Can I suggest you create one task, and use the checklist to assign a tick box for each person?

At a glance you can then see who has put a tick in their box and who has yet to do so. Relies on honesty that you will only check/tick your own box though.


There's also a suggestion that seems similar in UserVoice for Planner, so go and Vote for it:

Sonia -- thanks for the tip.  This is actually a great way to track progress since the checklist shows the number completed at a glance.

This functionality is indeed needed and Microsoft should consider adding it. For instance: As a team manager, I want all my 10 team members to fill in a vacation plan. Instead on creating 10 tasks (or copy-paste it), I'd like to put a tick that this task should be replicated to all team members. Pretty basic and needed functionality. 


This is what I see as the best option right now, although I don't think it's great!

Is there anyway to avoid having to manually add each person in the task. What if 1000 people on a team need to complete a survey by a due date? And you don't want to manually add them, and you want to have planner remind people who haven't completed it instead manually of spamming everyone that already has repeatedly with reminders?
There’s currently a limit of 11 people assigned to a single task

@adam deltinger I'm currently using a checklist for a task, assigning it to multiple users. It works well, except for the restriction of 11 assignees. Definitely needs to be increased, IMO

@Sonia Cuff 


If you assign the task to a group of people using the checklist, will the system alter the team member that they have been assigned a task?