See what changes has been done

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If someone made a change in a task, you get a notification that there has been a x amount of changes.

Is it possible to see what they have changed?

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Yes, this would be great if we could see changes that have been done. Do we need a power BI on this.

Any updates on this? Did you figure out how to get a rundown on the activities? @GKE2019 

I need this too, it's ridiculous to have notifications about changes without being able to access the cards with the change.
Could you please solve it? Nice to have it, very useful feature

@GKE2019I also want this!

I am also searching for this. It would be good to upvote it in the Feedback community :

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything more about this? It's bizarre and very unhelpful to have the notification without the detail!

Replying to hopefully give this a nudge. (So weird to tell users there's a change without telling them what the change is!?)

@GKE2019 This would be great to have! It's really difficult to keep track of updates made on tasks without any details on the pop-up notification,.

Yes i would like this feature as someone running a project it would be nice to see the changes not just be notified that there has been x changes made, that does not help when you are trying to see what changes have been made. 

Agreed - why tell me changes have been made and then make me search for them???????????