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Hi all,


I am trying to create a task in Planner and have that show as a "task" in Outlook DESKTOP (not web). I am thinking that this should be simple and I'm just missing it. I'd appreciate your help.


This is important to me because:

  • Our company uses Outlook Desktop and I want to see my tasks in the one app, next to my calendar without opening another app.
  • Outlook Tasks sync with iPhone reminders app, which is where all my family's shared reminders are.
  • I am trying to consolidate all my Planner, personal work and personal home tasks into one synced place.

I do understand that if in Planner I assign the task to myself, it shows up in the separate To Do app (which I don't use) or separate Teams app under "Assigned to Me". But "Assigned to Me" doesn't show up in Outlook Desktop client, only "tasks" does.


I do not want to add my Planner tasks to my Calendar. Calendar is ineffective for non-timed tasks, which many of my Planner tasks are.


I'm aware that there is a To Do app for iPhone, but like Teams and To Do, that is limited to Microsoft-only tasks, not other tasks / reminders from other sources like iPhone and iCloud.


So far, the only "tasks" I have found that work both in Microsoft and iOS is Outlook tasks.  


Thanks and appreciate the help.



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@Patrick Ryan 

I have the exact same question.  Did you ever receive an answer or solution for how to have Planner tasks show up in the Outlook app task list?


Thank you!


@madkin12 Sorry to say I have not found the solution. Tasks assigned to me in Planner do not make it to Outlook tasks. The furthest they make it is to the separate To-Do app, which unfortunately for me is a bit of an orphan product and doesn't sync with other things like Outlook does.  It also doesn't show up as a sidebar in Outlook desktop, so you need to open up another tab and it's slow to open.  Certainly no at-a-glance functionality like Outlook tasks.  Sorry I can't help!

@Patrick Ryan 


You can add the plan to outlook via a subscribed calendar.


this is the link that details how to do this 

@Patrick Ryan 

We recently attempted to make use of planner for a client and went through tech support and was told automatic calendar syncing to the members calendar group or even attaching the iCalendar can only be updated manually.  When you create a new planner, any members added automatically get a new group calendar associated to their user account.  This group calendar does not post any of planner's calendar items.  The only way to get planner calendar items it to manually attach the iCalendar/public publish and this would need to be done each time a change is made in planner. 

I mentioned to tech support that this seems to be either a deficiency in the product or a work in progress.  They said it was by design :facepalm:.    Then why even automatically attach a group calendar when creating a planner; to get hopes up :)

@NERD911 thank you. Unfortunately I'm looking for non time-bound tasks to show in Outlook. So while there is some calendar connectivity as you say, what I'm trying to do is create a TASK in planner and have it show in Outlook Tasks, not on my calendar.  


The issue with calendar items is that they occur at a specific time of day and once they have passed, you are no longer reminded of them. Tasks  / to-dos are perpetual until you have completed them. So you can always see your task list and what you have to do and then you can mark them as complete once you finish it.  Cheers, Patrick

@Patrick Ryan Hi Patrick, I know you can use the separate PowerAutomate (previously "Flow") to make a copy of the task appear in Outlook when you create or are assigned a task in Planner - but it is limited in that it is not a live link so will not update (e.g. like a Task created from OneNote does).

So, a bit of a double-up to keep updating them both, but at least it appears in Outlook.

One more thing: you can use the ellipsis (  ...  )  from the task in Planner to "Copy Link" then paste that link inside the Outlook task - makes it easier to move from one to the other.

In elegant and incomplete, but better than nothing perhaps.

In the meantime vote for it in the Microsoft Feedback Hub: planner task outlook · Community (   (unfortunately there aren't many yet voting on this)
Good luck!
Dan from Priority Perth