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I think this question has been asked before some time ago, but is there any way of getting Planner task history using OData Microsoft Graph?



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What do you mean by Task History?

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín 

I mean every version the Task creates.  So if I create a task and assign it to myself and save, an then assign it to a colleague and save, that would be two versions.  I would like to be able to see all changes either through versions of the task in a table, or some kind of change log.





Sorry @ghdunn - there isn't a change log for tasks that you can access.  If you subscribe to Group and have notifiactions set then you will certainly have some history of changes in your inbox - but I appreciate that isn't quite what you are looking for.


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Hey Gerald,
Could you find any news regarding this topic? I´d imagine with Flow or Graph a solution is possible, but before heading into it, maybe there´s some easier solution I oversaw.


Sorry..overlooked this.  No, I didn't find anything.  I have also discovered that even if Planner sat on CDS there isn't an easily available history table there, since you need the XRMToolkit utility to access history tables.  Good luck!

@ghdunn - it would be great to have history, or at least a log showing who touched the task last.


@Frank145 actually this feature exists in planner, you can check last modified by under task name when you open it.

@Bluearias @Frank145 That may be correct in the front end...but just bear in mind that the OP asked about querying the back end.

I just found an easy workaround that doesn't directly solve your question, but may assist you. With our license, we can use Power Automate within Microsoft Teams at my org. I create a channel, like "Our Work" where I put the plan in Planner as a tab. Then I use Power Automate to create two flows, one for when a task is created in Planner, and one for when a task is completed in Planner, where the flows post to this channel in Teams. It's not perfect, but it does give a list of tasks created and completed for some record of the times. This is very helpful for managers.
Sorry...overlooked could trigger an event and capture these in a database. Would be so much easier if it were a native feature. Thanks!
Any update on having a change log?