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@Joanna Parkhurstin your BR2393 presentation at Ignite you mentioned that the ability to Copy a Plan is coming soon. Will this include comments on Tasks? How soon is soon?


I have a customer that wants to move some existing plans that were created in the Planner App into SharePoint sites so that they can use the SharePoint Web Part, and I'm hoping that being able to Copy Plans will allow them to do this. We are currently stuck. 

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@Dean Gross Dean we won't be copying the 'content' of the plan, just the structure. It is not intended to be a migration tool. We are focused on the 'template scenario' where I want to reuse the structure, buckets, tasks, checklists from one plan in a new plan. so we actually 'clean out' the plan and reset it to a 'blank' state.


sorry it doesn't help your problem 100%, but that is how it will work


When will we be able to copy plan structures please?

I design multiple online courses and need to be able to quickly set up plans from a template plan that I have made with our 'new course design process' task buckets ready to go . . .

Currently, I have to create a plan and copy the individual buckets across from one plan to the other

How will we be advised that this feature is available to use?

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No ETA what I know of, This feature was shown at Ignite this year and coming up hopefully soon! My optimistic guess would be Q1 2019



@Alison Harris we are finishing up all the testing and making sure that the feature is robust and stable before shipping. its always a little hard to predict, but we will post an update here when its ready

Sounds awesome!!

Thank you Howard, I await your update in eager anticipation! . . . 



@Howard Crow, any update on the development status of this deliverable? It's been nearly 3 months since the last update on this topic. - Best, Tom

The Copy Plan feature was added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap recently 'in development', here, the release is expected Q2 2019.


Featured ID: 45945


"Microsoft Planner users will be able to copy a plan. This feature helps users reuse the buckets and tasks to repeat a project or process."

This Roadmap item (#45945) does not show up when searching the Roadmap for Microsoft Planner items, presumably because there is nothing listed in the 'Product' box.  Perhaps this should be updated?45945-Planner.png


@Joanna Parkhurst Hi, thank you for the 'copy plan' feature in Planner - when will we be able to copy plans or even see plans created outside Teams when using the Planner app in Teams? ;)

@Alison Harris Glad to hear you like the new feature! We're still exploring how this should behave in Teams, but definitely want to pursue this improvement. How would you use Copy plan in Teams?

As I see it the ideal scenario would be for the Teams User to be able to select any Planner plan and duplicate it entirely including buckets, cards (with titles and, assignees. I would want the ability to select whether or not to keep those individuals who were previously assigned to the origin task or not as an option. Obviously, dates will have to be cleared in the duplicate. You might also provide the option of saving a Plan as a Template, then the user would have the option of selecting whether they duplicate an existing template they created or a previous plan. @Joanna Parkhurst 

@Thomas Stockwell  in addition to the above functionality, we should have the ability to set a destination for the copied plan, i.e., into any Team of which we are member.

What is the scenario for keeping the original assignees? tx

@Joanna Parkhurst Thank you Joanna. I need to create a Planner from within a channel in Teams to manage the creation of online courses. Each course has its own channel with Conversations, Notes, Files and Planner. In Planner I can now copy the 'master course creation plan' and all its associated tasks with the click of a single button (Thanks! ;) But I can't do this from within Teams, or indeed, select a duplicated plan from Planner - they don't appear on the selection list :'(

Oh, that is cool. Thanks for the scenario - it is very helpful to have a real world use case we can use.

@Alison Harris @Howard Crow 

We do the same thing but for us to is opening a new office, moving an office to a new location or remolding an office. We have one Team for the Facilities Management and a new channel for location. The planner for each type of major mod to a location is the same regardless of the location. 

So, when an office moves location, we would like to pull from the move office planner template. In the same way if we open a new location, we would like to pull from the new office planner template.

@Howard Crow Do let me know as soon as it is possible to copy plans from within Teams, please ;)

It will make course creation so much easier - Thanks