We are pleased to share that we've added the ability to copy plans to Microsoft Planner.  We built this feature as the first step to address your feedback that you'd like to reuse project plans and repeat business processes.  With copy plan, you can now easily duplicate plans and get organized quickly.


Copy existing plans to use for future projects 

It takes a lot of time to build the perfect work management plan. This is especially true when a plan includes a lot of tasks or are part of a repeated process.  Manually recreating plans can be tedious and takes time away from actually doing the work.  That’s where copy plan comes in.  With this feature, you can now create a new plan by duplicating an existing one.  From the Planner hub, simply select “Copy plan” under the “…” menu on the plan you'd like to copy.  You can also copy a plan from the "..." menu when looking at a specific plan.



Copy plans from the Planner hub or within the Board view.


The overall plan structure like, buckets and labels names, are copied over, in order, to help keep the copied plan organized.  The task themselves, as well as their descriptions, checklists, and labels are also copied over.  Copying a plan does not copy over members.  Similarly, task assignments, due datesattachments, comments aren't carried over, and task progress is reverted to “Not started” so you can start with a clean slate.  We’ll continue to listen for your feedback on what options you'd like to see copy plan support.  For additional details on copy plan and the most current list of what’s copied over, please read our support article.    



Rename the copied plan before publishing. In this example, the copied plan is renamed to “Sales Conference - South Region.” 



Start with a clean slate: copied plans automatically remove details like task assignments and progress so you can start fresh with your new plan. 


Up next for us, we plan to add copy plan to our Microsoft Teams experience, as well as support copying a plan within the same Office 365 group 


We love hearing from you, so please continue to tell us how we can improve your Planner experience through our UserVoice site.  We’re always interested in hearing how you’d like to be able to further customize what is copied over, how copy plan fits into your work process, and if you find any gaps or limitations with this new feature.  Feel free to leave a comment below to engage with us directly on the new copy plan feature and keep checking our Tech Community site for the latest feature releases and Planner news. 


This is a great update - thank you very much!  😊  One minor thing - above it indicates that "Copying a plan does copy over members" - assume just a typo and it is meant to be "does not copy over members" - I only ask as it mentions this in the support article - https://support.office.com/article/copy-a-plan-50401e13-a25f-40df-93c6-b608cc28c3d4 - just wanted to confirm.  


Thanks again - cheers!


Yes @Tammy Schwark -- that was a typo -- thanks for reporting it!

This solves a key use case for a lot users. Thanks!

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Fantastic Thanks! Will there be any functionality to use Flow to copy plans and then amend key elements?

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News excellent! This feature will be widely used.

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This is just great! It helps to utilize the ease of use of Planner on repetitive short term projects! :manhappy:

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Thanks for this!  Greatly expands how we can use the product!

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Is there an existing option or future plan to allow a plan to be copied (or moved) to a Different Team?

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Thx great feature, @Eray Chou any information if it will be also available through Microsoft Graph ?

Please consider adding an option to copy over files/links.


We're still maintaining a Basecamp account for certain types of repeating projects, things that involve quite a few steps and a number of those steps require that the user refer to forms to complete (both as files or as URLs) or to other documents/locations for more information. I realize we can square peg / round hole our way through it via the task's description field (e.g.: "copy and paste this URL into your browser...") but that's pretty clunky. 


I 100% "get" that not all use cases for copying a board would want to maintain files/links, but I suspect a lot of use cases would find it handy. 

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Enhancing the copy functionality with a choice which parts to copy (esp. the ones that are currently not copied) would be very helpful; with that enhancement the copy functionality could e.g. also be used to create a (frozen) backup of a plan for a certain point in time.

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Implementation in Teams is the feature we still waiting for. Teams is the central hub, I can't explain the Teams-Members to go a new Planner-site every week.

Dear @Eray Chou, That is a great improvement, and will probably help a lot to use Planner across any customer use cases. My 2 cents comment is related to another expectation, because your Copy Option is a full Planner/Group/Team/… copy and will create a new fresh O365 Group with the Planner object loaded from the source. The requestor will have to invite the members as he needs to. From my point of view, I wanted to duplicate only the Plan option into the same O365 Group (as subplan) or into another existing O365 Group. Is there any plan from your roadmap for that modification ? Thanks for your feedback. Fab
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This is a welcome very improvement especially when managing repeating templated plans, hopefully the required integration with MS Teams will now follow quickly. I can now duplicate Plan templates using the MS Planner web app which is great, but I cannot currently see these duplicated plans listed for selection when adding a new MS Planner Tab within MS Teams. As a workaround I am adding a URL for the MS Plan web app to the Conversations tab on the MS Teams Channel ... not ideal but hopefully just a temporary work around. Thanks :)  **Further Update - Add a new TAB for WEB SITE and paste the URL to the Copied Plan and you can then continue to work directly from within MS TEAMS on your web planner

@Eray Chou : does this follow just recently GAd naming conventions? 

What happens if user is not permitted to create a Office 365 Group? In those orgs where Groups and Teams are created using a centralized process.. 



@FFessler ; @DetSch ; @Fabrice Romelard ;  Thanks for the feedback!  Yes, now that we've shipped the initial version of copy plan, we'll be working on supporting copy plan within the same group and team next.


@Vesa Nopanen ; Yes, copy plan does follow group creation policy.  If Office 365 group creation is disabled for a user, that users will not be able to copy a plan (the user will see an error stating that creating and copying groups has been turned off).   When we do support copying a Plan within the same group/team, we expect to allow a user to copy a plan within an existing group/team.



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All I can say is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! This will save me A LOT OF TIME. 

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Thank you so much!!! this just won me a customer that was going to Wrike !! (project too complex - planner too basic)

A great addition would be to be able to propose a Plan Template repository where we can save a list of plans accessible to all users  (feature such as COPY as TEMPLATE)  

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Copy Plan  + MultiPlan????  please...... 

typically when I need to copy a plan is because we have exactly the same type of project (so the same group will do that)

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This is definitely a fantastic feature but seems to be missing something (or maybe I need a bit of guidance) :smileyhappy:


I have a group, Project Management, with multiple plans associated (Client A, B, N). When I copy one of the plans under group "Project Management", it creates a new group for the plan. I couldn't find a way to create a copy and maintain the group association. I also didn't find any way to link the new plan to an older group. 


Is there a way to achieve this?


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This is great but limited without being able to copy within an existing O365 Group.  With Group policy creation in place, this is not useful in our organization.  Let us know when that will land on then road map.

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First, thank you, this enhancement will be very useful. 


We are very interested in expanding our use of Planner but the lack of updates / enhancements to Planner lately have made us concerned about Microsoft's Road plan for Planner. 


We need Export-to-Excel capabilities and other enhancements that are very popular in UserVoice (and were previewed at MS Ignite.)  Even though these enhancements are in a 'Scheduled' status in UserVoice, there's little information on if the enhancements are progressing or if development is stalled.


Is Microsoft going to continue enhancing and developing Planner? 


It's a great tool, but I'm getting concerned about its path forward.


Thank you



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This is a great new feature for a plan, however, we need to be able to copy plans in TEAMS. We need to be able to take an existing plan and copy it into a team as a template. The loss of assignment info and due dates would be acceptable.  

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Why does copying a Plan create a new Group? this is not nearly as helpful as I was expecting. My customers just need to create a copy within the same group, and to be able to copy a plan to an already existing group. Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding how this works?


No posts for over a monh - is planner still "on-going"?

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@Ian Cunningham  from everything I can tell, the Planner team at Microsoft is not very active in any of the social media, including this community.

The blog is mostly used for new feature announcements, so for Planner a few blog posts every month or two is expected. This isn't SharePoint that has a million features/use cases.

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being able to copy to other existing groups or teams would provide more templatizing options as the only way to limit permissions currently is by creating different teams, whereas if private channels were able to be created copying of plans to other channels within a team would solve this problem as well

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@Eray Chou

Eagerly awaiting the function to copy a plan in Teams.

Our use is so much oriented around a team of people working on multiple projects with most of the projects having the same structure of buckets and tasks. The ability to copy an existing plan within Teams would allow us to have "templates" of typical plan types and then just assign tasks to people in the team.

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With this comment, I'd like to encourage the developer team to allow us to copy an existing plan not just within the same group (or teams) but instead of copying it into an existing group (or teams).


I thought I am smart by creating a template group (teams) to create different default structures. Soon I realized I cannot copy into a different group and was bumped since I felt that should be doable.