Planner Roadmap - Admin and Support

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The planner roadmap at shows only one item in development. There is limited ability to administer and hence support plans (report on use, restrict access (beyond limiting office 365 groups), admin access for support, export data).


Any updates on planner administration? 

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Unfortunately no, Planner development has been historically very slow (I guess due to the size of the Team behind the scenes)
Always has been a little confused about planner development...It’s basically a great product now for simple task management, but the potential is huge! Not talking about it being an super advanced project management app, cause that’s never been the purpose. But as said development is crazy slow! They release updates now and then though so it’s just to sit around and wait for them :)


I am surprised with Planner not being a priority for Microsoft. Does Microsoft going to make MS Planner as tool for public and make MS Project Online as a replacement for MS Planner. 


MS Planner though looks good currently and potential feature developments. From younger generation point of view it might be too simple app which they might expect as a upgrade for Tasks (To-Do) app.


I am able to see new pricing models, along with Dynamics 365 PSA (Project Service Automation)?


MS Project Online - P1, P3, P5 - Link below...


Looks like MS Project Online P1 / P3 / P5 might be included along with Office 365 E1/E3/E5 for extra price or clubbed along with D365 Plans.

Any insights will be great.

Singaravelu S

@bmckeating I agree. permissions is the one thing that will prevent us from rolling out planner as an enterprise resource. We can't possible consider using this without the ability to restrict people from deleting plans, tasks, etc.. The risk is too high.


@Edward_Hunt But I guess you can overcome the risks by backup the Planner tasks and restore in case of any accidental deletions. This works great for many enterprises who really need to use Planner because of its simplicity and less time required for onboarding. 



I've just looked now, and the roapmap includes something about adding background images to tasks (!!??) but doesn't even mention the most asked-for feature we've been banging on about for years - Why aren't they working on @mentions and proper notifications when a task is updated!!?


I wish they'd just tell us if it's a feature that is never coming, or not for 5 years or whatever. At least we can move on then and go back to Wrike.

I've just looked at the Planner «Uservoice». The answers to the top 7 request is «Go to Project for the Web» :o By the way, these items are the only ones with official responses.

Is there any future for Planner?