Planner keeps loggin out?

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Hi there,

Planner is asking me to login every 5 minutes or so. I'm using it on Firefox (latest update) with my Enterprise subscription. After the message pops-up I cannot add attachments from Sharepoint (need to login again). My Office session is logged on all the time.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried to use Planner on another browser? I'm not having the issues you are experiencing
I have and only on Chrome it seems ok (but still not sure). On EDGE the experience is even worse as we cannot edit dates nor assign the task unless I open it. Nevertheless, Firefox is the browser we use for everything so we'd like to use Planner on it also.

Quick off-topic question: do you know how do I add my picture to my profile? Just can't find the option :(

Do you mean in Office 365? You can do it from My Account page


No no sorry... here on techcommunity profile (that's why I said it was off-topic) should post this question on another place :-). By the way: My Profile -> My Settings -> Avatars
So sorry. New around here... I'll try to find where to post the question. Tried that but it does not work. Thanks anyway :)
About Planner keeping logging out, it's definitely only on Firefox. All is fine on Chrome.

I've encountered the same issue on Chrome (on mac). Happens frequently.

I am having the issue with IE11 Seems to be an inactivity timeout. There must be a way to turn this off?

I have to same problem on Chrome for Mac.

Keeping this thread alive...


I have what appears to be the same problem using Chrome on Windows 7.

For a long time I have been "logged out" of Planner quite often.


I'm obviously still logged in - when I do a refresh of the page I'm returned to the hub without the need to log in again.


All other office apps work well. Having e.g. Outlook open does not give the same warning about having to log in again.



I actually says "session expired" (in Norwegian).

Planner on the latest Firefox keeps logging me out. It doesn't happen to me on Chrome or Edge, but I prefer Firefox. Please help.

Happens constantly. Every 10 minutes or so on Win10 and Chrome to myself and my co-worker.

Same here, not sure how short the inactivity timeout is but it is frustratingly short. If I have Planner task card open and I have started writing some comment and then jump to another window to check something then many times the inactivity timeout hits and my comment just disappears.

My problem seem to have been an add on I previously had added to Chrome.
The add on "Ghostery" in a version started to block trackers (and ads) - and seem to have somehow made problems for the single sign on in Office 365. After whitelisting Planner it seem to stay logged in.
We don't have such add-ins and we are using IE11 and Chrome on Windows 10 machines.

Anybody found a fix for this one? As mentioned above, we are also getting users logged off every 5-10 mins.


thanks in advance :)