Planner has different languages on the web and desktop app (in a Teams tab).

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Hi, I have some trouble with Planner.


First of all, we are using Planner in the Teams tab. But on the web Teams app, all plans are in french (img 1) (as it should be), but in the desktop app, some are in french (img 2) and others are in english (img 3).


And at this point I have no idea why the languages are different since Planner bases it's language on the user language.

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@Rémi HENRY we are currently reviewing the language behavior for Planner.  To understand the language you see it can be driven by different settings.  Navigating directly to (The web interface for Planner) will use your preferred language.  In Teams we aim to honor the language setting in Teams to avoid any difference between the Teams interface and Planner.  One other behavior you may see is that navigation from the App Launcher may get a language appended to the link (such as en-US) and then this will over-ride your preferred language.  What language do you have defined in Teams? (And yes, before you ask, it would be nice to just have one setting that all the applications followed).

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