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Is there a way to set the default view from 'Group by bucket' to 'Group by Progress'


It used to be this way, but now defaults to 'Group by Bucket' which is a bit annoying



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There is not a setting where you can specify which Planner view should be the default view

We need the ability to set custom views asap!!!!!



Yes, need to be able to customize the default view.  Defaulting By Buckets each time is annoying as I have to change it.

Well, what you can do here is to suggest (if it's not there yet) this feature in Planner User Voice so the Product Team can consider to develop it in the future

This is a really useful application, but I can't confidently introduce it in my organisation until I can change the default view to group by progress. I will get laughed at.

@thomstarnes I'm in the same position now.. Need to let the PM know that it would be helpful to be able to customize the default.

Same here.. just because of that missing option (especially when using planner with MS Teams) people give up in the first 2 minutes and fall back using trello...
I would love an option to set by view for group by progress to invite senior leaders to view the board.

@S3ver1na - I would recommend you to create dashboards in power BI with the details required by your senior leaders along with the rich graphs/charts available in Power BI. You can export the tasks to Excel from Planner and create the Power BI dashboard with it. This creates a nice impression of your projects progress with them. 

PS: If you do not suffice with the details available in Excel exported from Planner you need to go for third-party apps to include more meta details about the task and to automate the sync from planner to power bi. 

There are several threads in user voice dating back to 2016 asking for this. Doesn't seem like MS have any interest, even though it's a much wanted feature. We've just started trialling this over SmartSheet - which has this as standard.

I cant believe this is still not in place... 3 years after... 


Let us customize the default view when we open the Planner in Teams... completely counter productive..... This just proves MS is not using their own tools... if they were this would have been implemented long time ago.... If anyone at MS reads this.... Please please please look into implementing this ASAP!!!!

@jthebergepartnerre Planner getting better and better, but the Trello is also an option if you are not satisfied with the Planner. We are also using Trello until Planner will be on the expected completion level. Without this kind of features like set the default view it is not a serious product for us.  

I've added this feature request to Microsoft's new user feedback system - please vote on it there!

Moved to Microsoft's new user feedback system - please vote on it there!

@rober2235 I'm trying to do this now and it seems like such a basic functionality. I'm surprised this hasn't been dealt with. Where can I vote for this as the links in this thread don't work?

@rober2235 the link you have provided is titled "Planner default view on Mac". I left a comment here, but I'm not a Mac user. I've done a search on the PC forum and most of the provided links are broken/don't work. Eventually though I found this one, so added my comment here:
it's 2024 and we still don't have a solution. You can connect your plan to an outlook calendar but the you miss the tags and bucket info... We also don't have a "view only" link to share with management or clients. Every other project management software allows us to do this!

Schedule view is faulty on its own already, just adding little colored bullets to each task would allow us to see tags without having to click each individual task... definitely outdated.