Cannot link tab to existing plan in Teams

  1. I create a Team
  2. In General channel, add Tab to Planner.
  3. Message says "Looks like this team has existing Plan" and shows dropdown.
  4. I click dropdown. Nothing happens.


User error?

Misleading message?


I expected to see, and to be able to select, the existing Plan for the team. 

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Sounds like a bug! Can you confirm the same in the web client?

Did you click the + sign in teams and chose Planner? Screenshot?

@adam deltinger  I've replicated the issue: 

  1. New Team set up using Teams app
  2. + in General channel 
  3. select Planner
  4. message (see screenshot): Looks like this team has existing plans. No response to clicking dropdown 

Steps 2-4 identical when accessing this team from Teams via browser (Chrome, Edge).


@adam deltinger 


I'm having the same issue.  Someone created a plan in the Planner Hub and now wants to add it to a Planner tab in an existing Team.  I do not know how Office 365 Teams and Teams are related.  Most of our staff create a new team from within the Teams App.


Older posts say the only way to do this is to create a new Team that's linked to an O365 Team.  Please tell me there's a better way to do this now.



^ KurthCR for clarity:

Our use cases are not the same - I’m starting from a *brand new* MS Team that *should* have a Planner in it, and has instructions that indicate its available, and it’s not. Expected function is failing.

You’re trying to link/move an actual existing plan to an actual existing Team. Desired function that is - I believe- not possible.
I'm having the same issue.

Was a solution ever found?
When a brand new Team is created, the Planner for the Team will not get created automatically. Plan needs to be created manually by adding it as a tab.

For another case, if the Plan is created underneath the same M365 Group where the Teams is available, then you can able to add those plans as a tab. If the Plan is available in another M365 Group, you can add that Plan as the website tab.