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Submittable’s social impact platform enables foundations to manage the end-to-end process for grants, corporate giving, and awards. With Submittable, customers collect and review applications, award funds, track change, and report on results. “We enable the social impact sector to work more efficiently and more equitably,” says Sam Caplan, Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable. “We focus on creating a trust-based environment and deepening relationships between funders, nonprofit organizations, and the communities they serve.” 


To multiply its impact, Submittable joined the Digital Natives Partner Program, a select group of innovative ISV partners that Microsoft Tech for Social Impact (TSI) has chosen to invest in and grow with. The Digital Natives program helps cloud-first SaaS companies connect with Microsoft’s vast community of nearly 400,000 nonprofits and continuously innovate their Azure-based solutions.  


“We’re continually looking for ways to grow and help our customers serve their communities,” Caplan says. “We get a huge jumpstart by working on the Azure platform, taking advantage of the work Microsoft has done around AI, and being closely partnered with TSI.” 


“The partnership with Submittable is built on shared values and a shared commitment to bring the very best capabilities our two organizations have to offer,” explains Jeremy Pitman, Director of the Digital Natives Partner Program at Microsoft TSI. He adds, “By working together on AI and modern technology solutions, we are able to accelerate the impact mission-driven organizations are having in their communities.” 


About a year ago, Submittable decided to leave their current cloud platform and move workloads to Microsoft Azure with the support of Redapt, an Azure partner. With this strategic move, Submittable can expand their reach to more mission-driven organizations, develop industry leading AI-powered features, and be leaders in the impact technology landscape alongside Microsoft. “Microsoft's TSI team has some of the world’s deepest knowledge of the nonprofit sector—a level of expertise we couldn’t get anywhere else,” Caplan says. “It made perfect sense for us to be closely connected so we can continue to learn and contribute to this amazing work.” 


Submittable always seeks to streamline the grantmaking and giving process for its customers and applicants. They recently worked with a Microsoft Partner Technical Strategist to develop and launch a series of AI-enabled tools that reduce busy work. The tools, which run on Azure, help applicants fill out forms quickly, reviewers understand and synthesize the most vital information from applications, and administrators easily build new application forms using natural language prompts—no coding expertise required.  


“Our AI features are becoming some of our most appreciated benefits on the platform,” Caplan says. “I don’t think we could have introduced them as fast or as well as we did without this partnership.”  


The AI tools don’t replace but rather complement the people who make decisions and craft creative solutions. By freeing up their time, these features enable Submittable’s customers and grant applicants to focus on work that moves the needle on their most ambitious goals. 


“As nonprofits harness the potential of artificial intelligence, Submittable is mindful that technology alone is not the destination—it’s the vehicle,” says Justin Spelhaug, Corporate Vice President of Tech for Social Impact at Microsoft Philanthropies. “In the realm of AI in social impact, Submittable is a leading example of the future where nonprofits can achieve more than ever before.” 


Download the full case study to learn how Submittable is boosting social impact with the Digital Natives Partner Program.

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