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Hello Jill,

We are having issues with the MPN verification process. We have developed a new Excel add-in and would like to make it available for the AppStore. We already have several customers interested in using this Add-in.

The verification process has been frustrating. We failed the initial verification, but we were not given details as to what the issue was. When we provide additional documentation, it is summarily rejected again without detail.

Now, we are told that we cannot be verified, resulting in the termination of the vetting process.

We are a longstanding and legitimate company with valued relationships with other large, reputable companies. We are also a Microsoft Azure customer. It is baffling to us that Microsoft cannot successfully vet us.

Jill, I have noticed that many others have this problem. Can you suggest another course of action beyond commiserating with us? For many of us, these issues directly impact our ability to earn.

For instance, I would like to contact the individuals responsible for vetting customers to understand better what is wrong. What would also be helpful are examples of how the vetting process could lead to failure and how they are addressed. Finally, the language in the reply does not match the MPN application user interface. For example, I am told that my entity information does not match, but there is no place in the user interface using that language. What is an entity, and where is that information populated? I was told to provide an assignment letter. What is that? What should it say?

We are looking for help here. Please provide us with real help! If you can't help us, please point us to someone who can.

Kind regards,


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@Bediako_George Hello! I am not part of the vetting team, so all I can do is point you to resources that may help. You will have to repeal your rejected verification, this post may help: