Who else has noticed that Focused Inbox/Clutter stopped working on Thursday evening?

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We have a case open because starting on Thursday evening (US Time) our users started to notice that nothing was arriving in the Clutter or Other folder.

I've just found out that this isn't affecting just our tenant, but so far the MS support team isn't having any luck getting information from the Exchange/Focused Inbox team on what change they made or plans to resolve.

I was just wondering how many other people/tenants may be seeing this as well?

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I have the same issue and it's driving me crazy, the influx of garbage in my inbox is really annoying. Same thing Thursday night at around 11pm est

Clutter stopped working in our tenant too on Thursdsay 26th last week.

Mine stopped working at the same time.  I wonder if this is because MS is trying to move everything to the "Focused" application but I can't seem to verify this.


Mine appears to have started working at 12:30 EST this morning! 10/31

Pretty sure that Focused Inbox not working is related to this now published incident, since it also started at the same time my FI stopped working.

EX124118 - Clutter feature isn't working

Preliminary root cause: A recent update contained a code defect which caused Clutter to stop functioning as expected on Friday, October 27, 2017. When the issue was detected, we immediately reverted the update to prevent further impact. However, the reversion did not take effect for a subset of infrastructure due to a configuration issue.

Yes - we are all working again now too, and the incident has gone away from the portal.  It appears they were not aware that this issue with Clutter also affected Focused Inbox.

Yes.  I am getting complaints also from our staff.