Team Calendars in Outlook

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Not Microsoft Teams - but we used to be able to create a team calendar or a department calendar. We don't seem to be able to to that now without creating an O365 Group.

What has been some of your solutions on tracking department vacations/sick leave but the employee that will be gone also needs to have an entry on their own calendar.

Things have changed over time and I'm trying to find the best solution.



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Are you referring to the Outlook settings, I see you posted in the thread Adrian started? In general all the old methods are still available, it's just the UI in newer Outlook versions that's lacking. I've again probed some folks at MS, hoping to get a definite answer.

Possibly, however, I'm not even seeing the option to create one without creating a O365 Group, which I do not want to do at this time. If you know of a way, please provide directions. Thx.