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I'm desperately trying to stop outlook sending emails to gmail, the latter being saturated. I tried everything. I n the transfer box, gmail doesn't appear so I cannot delete it. There are no rules set in the settings to that effect (yes I did set up that transfer months ago but I want to stop it now!)

I've erased every trace of gmail in all new emails or spam appearing in my outlook automatically reappears in gmail 5mn later! Help please!!!!! I can't delete my gmail as it's a business address and I'm constantly spending ages deleting *** outlook mails which then disappear from my outlook account! Double huge problem! 

help!!!! thanks!!!!

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Hi @Moonylou007,

I understand your concern. To prevent Outlook from sending emails to your Gmail account, you can try to follow these steps

  1. Review Outlook Rules:

    • Open Outlook.
    • Navigate to the "File" tab.
    • Select "Manage Rules & Alerts" under "Info."
    • Examine the list of rules; if any forward emails to Gmail, delete them.



  2. Send/Receive Settings:

    • In Outlook, go to "File."
    • Click "Options."
    • Head to the "Advanced" section.
    • Under "Send and receive," click "Send/Receive Groups" and confirm Gmail is not included.


  3. Inspect Gmail Settings:

    • Log in to your Gmail account.
    • Access settings (usually represented by a gear icon).
    • Examine the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" settings to confirm no email forwarding is set up.


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Same problem. What did you do. I looked everywhere how to stop this. It’s a mystery for me!