'Save Sent Item to' function not working in shared mailbox

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Hi there
When sending emails from a shared mailbox, we use the option to 'Save Sent Item to' and select a folder (which is within the shared mailbox). Once we hit Send, the email is not making it to the folder we selected.
I noticed though, when I send from my personal mailbox, and select a folder within my own account, the email saves perfectly.
It seems to be a shared mailbox issue. 
Is there a work around or setting we can adjust to enable saving to a folder in a shared mailbox?
Thank you.

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How are you accessing the shared mailbox? This (and many other) functionality will only work when the mailbox is added as additional account (via File > Add account).

I am having the same problem and I added the mailbox via File > Add Account.

@VasilMichev thanks for your reply! We added the shared mailbox via Office365 and it appeared on my Outlook account. I didn't use Add account function. As it's a shared mailbox, it doesn't have a password, so I can't enter one when I try to add it via the 'Add Account' function you suggested. 
Attached is a picture of the folders I want to save Sent Items into. The A, B, C, etc folders. 
You can select the folders at 'Save Sent Item To' but they don't actually save to the folder when you click Sent.

@Carly2102 and @VasilMichev: I can also confirm this behavior. Which I find quite nasty because you do not get any kind of error message telling you that the message did not get stored where you selected it to be.


I suppose this is because regularly, emails will only be stored for the user account that actually sent the email, and you can set a property on the shared mailbox to copy it over to the Sent Items of the mailbox itself in a second step. (Set-Mailbox properties -MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled and -MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled in Powershell).


Then it also makes sense that it would work directly if the mailbox has been added as another account, but on that note, I second @Carly2102's remark:
How would you add a shared mailbox, which by definition does not have a password (and a license, for that matter) as another account, when there is no password you can set it up with?


We usually give FullAccess rights to Shared Mailboxes with AutoMapping activated (which makes it rather easy for users, but leads to other troubles, e.g. no AutoMapping possible when setting permissions via groups).


> How would you add a shared mailbox, which by definition does not have a password (and a license, for that matter) as another account, when there is no password you can set it up with?


You can use your credentials for adding the shared Mailbox. I also thought that it is not possible (: 


"When prompted for credentials, fill out your own username and password instead of credentials of the shared mailbox itself."


@Christoph Maerz and @SaschaSeipp thanks for the instructions! I tried to follow them, and was able to add the shared mailbox account, it worked but I was unable to view the contents. 

The error message stated: The folder cannot be expanded.


Is there something I am missing? Because the instructions make sense to add using my own credentials and therefore be able to save sent emails to a designated folder (using Save Sent Item To function). 


Thank you.

@Carly2102: I think there will be problems if you have the mailbox auto-mapped and also add it as its own account. As far as I know, the only way to remove the automapping is to remove the full access permissions and then set them again without automapping. I do not know how to do that with the web GUI, but this would be the PowerShell approach:

Remove-MailboxPermission -Identity $smb -User $accessuser -AccessRights FullAccess
Add-MailboxPermission -Identity $smb -User $accessuser -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All -AutoMapping $false

My experience comes from users trying to add a mailbox manually as a shared folder in addition to automapping. I have no experience with automapping and adding as another account, I just assume it could lead to the same issues. So just give it a try. :) 

@SaschaSeippThank you so much, I'm going to try this today! 

@Carly2102 Update on this query... The Save Sent Item to functionality does not work for shared mailboxes. Only for Regular Mailboxes. I converted the shared mailbox to a Regular Mailbox and bought a licence for it, but the functionality still does not work.

I believe the Save Sent Item to only works for your primary email address account. Is there a workaround?

@Carly2102 We are expiriencing the same issue. I also have a shared-mailbox in my Outlook and can't use the "Save Sent item to" function. I tried the same things as mentioned in this post and nothing changed.  Is Microsoft working on this bug to be fixed in an update?

@cliqhx After many conversations with Microsoft - each tech support giving me different answers, I found out the Save Sent Items To functionality does not work for a Shared Mailbox at all. It must be a licensed account. So you actually have to convert the Shared Mailbox to a licensed (paid) account and then ADD members under Mailbox Permissions in your MS Office 365 Admin Centre. (see my attachment).


This process isn't perfect. I am still testing it on my end before I implement to my team. I spent a lot of phone time with Microsoft to make it happen, yet I'm still not 100% convinced it's a smooth process.