Resend a message in Outlook - changes to text not staying (reverts back to original message)

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I have a default email that is sent to a list of people each day. The email is adjusted each day to indicate a number in a file that we are printing and advising to a group of people. 


For years, all I have done is 'resend' an email and update the quantity (all other information is the same). For the last few months, when I 'resend' this email and type in a new quantity and hit send - the email doesn't hold my 'new quantity', but rather holds the previous information.


My workaround now is to create a new email, copy and paste the 'canned' information and then type in the new quantity as resend no longer seems to allow changes to the text.


Does this feature no longer work to accept and hold changes when resending?

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Exactly the same issue here (office365 account). Click resend, amend email, hit send, and the text stays the same as the original email (attachments do change though).

Only realised it was a bug when I happened to do it twice within an hour and spotted the text hadn’t changed.

I just mentioned it to a colleague and they had the same issue today and thought they’d made a mistake. Shame to find out it’s been happening for at least 2 months.



I've just seen your message and would like to know if you found a solution to this. I've had this problem for severall weeks. I've reinstalled and updated office fully, to no avail.


I haven’t changed anything and never found an official fix, but it doesn’t seem to be happening to me anymore (I’ve just tested and it went through fine with the changes I made).

Sorry I can’t help more!


All - after some maddening tests on this, try the following :


Select Resend of a message

When the new copy opens, make sure formatting is NOT HTML. 

Make changes to the copy of the mail to be resent.

Send the message.

See if the changes are persistent when received by addressees .


I used Rich Text formatting and the re-sent (modified) message DID NOT revert to the original .

With HTML formatting, it seems no matter how much the new copy is modified, it reverts to the original...


Test this out and report back





Hi there, I tested resending an email while leaving as HTML - didn't hold the copy changes. I tested resending an email while changing to rich text - changes to copy were held and sent. Now the trick will be remembering to ensure the email is formatted to rich text. :) Thanks!
Well, I guess it's one fix, but still weird. Thanks folks.