Printing issues from Outlook for ios app

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I'm having issues printing from the Outlook app on my iPhone 7 running ios 11 to an HP 1102w wifi printer.  I can print from other apps like photos, Evernote, screen captures, etc.  In the Outlook app, when I select the curved arrow, I get options like reply, forward, but no print option.  If I click the three dots (...) at the very top of the app, one option is "Print Conversation".  When I select it, my printer is available but it prints as two solid lines.


I've googled this like crazy and haven't found anything.  I've uninstalled and re-installed the Outlook app but that didn't help.  Given that I can print from other apps, it seems like the problem is in my Outlook app.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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I'm having the same problem, did you find a solution?


I haven't really had time to try anything else and don't know what to try at this point.  I was hoping to get a response from someone at Microsoft.  At this point, given that I can print from other apps and can print (but with the black lines) from this app, I feel like it is an app problem.


I have one workaround- if I do a screen capture (simultaneous power and home buttons), I can then print that.   That at least lets me grab part of an email.


If you figure anything out, please post it.


I too have the same problem. The work around of doing a screen capture is a acceptable but not very good. Hopefully Microsoft will respond with a solution.


Thanks. . .

Has Microsoft answered this question anywhere else? I can’t belive there isn’t an option to print!

I found a quick work-around, but I would rather stay in outlook. I forwarded to Gmail and printed from there.