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Hello all,

I'm looking for some advice for above described behaviour of Outlook:

When we try to schedule meeting that is set as repetitive the room finder is not offering any free room (and there is free one for such schedule, I tried same in Outlook on the web). When the meeting is not repetitive it is working OK, free rooms are being offered.

Is there some bug in Outlook that cause this (we have version 1806, build 10228.20080). We have splitted rooms in distribution groups, there is up to 40 rooms and 15 groups.

Thank you for any advice


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This is by design, if you create (or try to edit) a recurring meeting the Room finder will not be available. The usual workaround is to create a single-occurrence meeting, use the Room finder, then change the meeting to recurring.

Hi @Vasil Michev thank you for answer. But what if the room is not available for recurring time?

I beleive that this should work in planner assistant, it should be able to display free rooms also for reccuring events. As far as I remember it was working.

But in my case it does not work. It is not displaying any room.


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I don't ever remember it working, it has been available only for single-instance meetings for as long as I can remember. Not that this is any guarantee :)

I have the same request. It would be great if Room Finder could look at the availability for the reoccurring meeting and see if a room is free for the span of the meetings. Otherwise we have to go through meeting after meeting looking for a room each and every time.



So I had a manager bring up a very valid point to a flaw in this design.


It's great that the meetings will automatically reject if the room is unavailable, but if it is reoccurring and it rejects on a few random weeks or something, then it is a real pain for the user to re-book those meetings in different rooms because you can't just edit the failed meetings only to change the room without doing them one at a time.


Is it possible we could get the functionality of room finder on recurring meetings, it can't be that difficult to just show available rooms for all dates in the recurrence?

Hello, Vasil. My client has exactly the same problem. Is this the official statement from Microsoft?