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Dear all,


Can I check with you guys, does anyone know how to make the report phishing add-in appear in the Share mailbox as well? 




Below is when I opened the Share mailbox.

phishing report.png


Is it we should disable the Share mailbox auto mapping by PowerShell then in adding the Share mailbox by the manual way then can only see the report phishing add-in?


Will be grateful for any help you can provide.

Thank you.

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Just in case, check the app configuration via the Get-App cmdlet. If needed, set it as "organization app" as detailed here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/set-app?view=exchange-ps

And yes, do also try with configuring the shared mailbox as additional account.
Thanks, mate.
Currently, I do not have global admin access, I also do not have Exchange admin access, I will ask my senior to help me to create a shared mailbox then remove the automapping by Powershell. Then manually in adding the mailbox to Outlook, let's see how it goes. =)

Hi @VasilMichev 

That method to remove share mailbox auto-mapping works! Below attached for your reference.

The ITtest is a shared mailbox, and I can still see the report phishing email add-in.



The next challenge is, currently we have quite a number of shared mailboxes and users are still using them. If I need to do it in way, will be very time consume and probably create many issue.


We will conduct an internal discussion. Thank you for your reply. Cheers =)