Outlook - Reply all with attachment

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This is going to show my age, and I know that with greater adoption of Teams that this will become a moot point.  But many moons ago (in ccMail I believe), there was a function to 'Reply to all, with attachment'.  Currently, in Outlook you need to 'forward' an email in order to retain the attachment, then add the readers + extras back in to the 'send to' list.   

Is there plans to include this feature in future.


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It's one of the top requests over at UserVoice, go vote: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/322590-outlook-2016-for-windows/suggestions/33675985-forward-re...


The workarounds available currently are to either use the forward functionality as you mentioned, use a macro or third-party add-ins.

Just google for the add-in named "ReplyWithAtt  for Outlook".