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Noticing a change in outlook today. The color coding in the category of Outlook no longer has the color orange (The color orange (pantone) with hexadecimal color code #ff5800 is a shade of orange. In the RGB color model #ff5800 is comprised of 100% red, 34.51% green and 0% blue. )


The orange color is now Salmon/Red.  The color is completely offensive and is another iteration of red?  Can it be changed back to a true "orange" color? I do not know where to post this feedback.  Thank you.



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@ipcops  I would like to know how to revert the colours too.  They are disgusting and too similar to one another now - black too close to grey, orange to gold, magenta to pink to purple, light blue to dark blue. red to orange.  With my aging eyesight I struggle greatly with the new aweful clour scheme.  I put in a support case with Microsoft immediately.  There first response was to do an online repair - which I very reluctantly did - of course it didnt help.  I even upgraded windows 10 to 1909.  No change.


Oh and dont get me started on the new Search bar location and lack of functionality !!!

outlook no longer orange.  can it be changed back to blaze orange this happened on a update over the summer

@mpeck187 I just upgrade to the latest version and can confirm there has been no change at all for me.  Still the same awful colour offerings.  Orange still looks brown.  Google Calendar has brilliant colours that are close to what Microsoft used to offer before they forced this putrid colour palette on us.

@ipcops, I found this solution on another page and it worked for me. Not user friendly, but at least a good work around. 


you are limited to the 16 options shown but the effect can be achieved by selecting the text and using Format > Borders and Shading > Shading tab.