Outlook not showing the AIP Protect button for classic labels

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I set up AIP labels some time last year but the Protect button suddenly disappeared last month from all windows desktop apps. We can't add the classified labels anymore, and the AIP addon is not there in Outlook, not even disabled. P.S The sensitivity icon is visible but we prefer the Protect which also had advanced settings to warn users of external emails they are sending.

Version is 2004 (12730.20270).


Anyone know how to get the Protect button again on Outlook?


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Sounds like you may have switched to the unified labelling client and you are now setting your labels and policies from the Security and Compliance Center > Classification instead of through the Azure Portal and Azure Information Protection.  


The new experience of the Sensitivity icon is the default experience now with Unified labelling.  If this is what has happened to you, and you are missing labels in the Office Applications, check the Label Policies section in the Security and Compliance Center, as policies do not get synced in the same way that the labels themselves do in the unified experience.

@Sesu- Did you migrate your labels as it's being deprecated next year?


After I've migrated my labels, which management portal do I use?


Announcing timelines for sunsetting label management in the Azure portal and AIP client (classic)


I haven't activated the Unified labels. See attachment to prove it's still not active. I intend to do this sometime this year but not now as I still have until 2021 to migrate the classified labels.

not activated unified labels.PNG

No I haven't migrated yet. It's something I intend to do before end of year but I still want to use classified for now.



OK,  so if sounds as if that even though you've not migrated / unified your labels just yet, that you've somehow deployed the unified labelling client.  If this is the case, it would be no surprise that you cannot see your labels in your Office Applications.


I'd personally recommend moving towards the Unified client, but if you didn't wish to do so then you would need to remove this...


And then reinstall this...



@ChristianBergstrom - would you agree that is what could be happening here?

@PeterRising Hello! I'm not sure what's happening here. I would prefer some more info.. even though you could be on to something :)

@Sesu- In Control Panel > Programs and Features, what do you see for Azure Information Protection?  Is the version along the lines of the below which is the classic client?




Or as below  which is the Unified Labelling client;


Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 16.33.58.png


I checked program and features but can't find it, although I used to have it. I also used wmic using cmd to check installed msi apps then it appears as installed. If I search for the AIP on start it doesn't show up neither do I find it under the roaming/microsoft/addins folder .

I initially deployed the app using GPO.





Interesting,  Try downloading and installing this - which is the classic AIP client which should give you the Protect button that you want.


The newer unified client with the sensitivity bar/button can be found here -




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@PeterRisingthe latest version of AIP is what I force/ manually installed on one of our pcs and it seems to work. think its version 1.54.** .We were using version before that which isn't supported anymore. 

Looks like GPO isn't uninstalling the previous version to update it to the new version I added, that's why we don't have the protect icon .




Ah that would certainly explain things then.