Outlook not sending emails

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I can receive emails but, all of a sudden, not able to send.  The message states "unable to find server"

I contacted my internet carrier who said there was not an issue on their part after they checked.  

Has anyone else had this issue and, if so, how was it resolved.

My incoming is IMAP and outgoing STMP.  Thanks

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Please follow below steps:

Verify the server settings
Step 1:
When you try to receive or send an email, the account communicates with the IMAP or POP or SMTP servers. If the server settings are wrong, then finding the email server becomes difficult.
Step 2:
Launch the Outlook application, click the Tools menu, and select Accounts.
Step 3:
Select your email account in the dialog box and check if the incoming and outgoing mail servers information are correct.
Step 4:
Select More Settings and then go to the My Outgoing server tab to make sure the authentication for the outgoing server is set properly.
Step 5:
In the Advanced tab, check if the incoming and outgoing server port numbers & encryption type are correct.
Turn off the firewall
Step 1:
Sometimes, the firewall settings of the system might prevent the email server connection for security purposes. This will cause the cannot find the email server.
Step 2:
Use the below steps to disable the firewall and then try to connect to the email server.
Step 3:
Open the Control Panel window on the computer by searching for the ‘control panel’ in the search bar.
Step 4:
Select the System and Security menu and click the Windows Defender Firewall link on the right-side panel.
Step 5:
Next, click the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off link from the left side panel.
Step 6:
Select the radio button Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) to disable the firewall.
Step 7:
After that, click OK to apply the settings.
Increase server timeout
Step 1:
If the server timeout length is short, the server does not take the time to load completely.
Step 2:
In the Outlook Account settings window, go to the More Settings and click the Advanced tab.
Step 3:
Below Server Timeouts, increase the time length and click OK. Usually, it is suggested that the timeout duration should not exceed 90 seconds. Now your cannot find the email server is resolved.

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I had the same issue when I switched to the new Outlook for iMac. I checked all the settings and they were correct. I simply reverted to the old Outlook and the issue was solved. The cause seems to be the New Outlook.