Outlook New is resizing inline images and signature images

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Since I started using Outlook New, I have had a few issues such as the missing Address Book etc. My issue today is that images are being resized no matter what I do. This makes messages look unprofessional, and the image is wider than the reading pane which is just ridiculous.


Signature images - Clearly, this should be a small logo at the bottom but when the person replies to me, I can see that my signature image takes up the entire width of the screen. That is embarrassing.


Inline images - I can set them to 25%, 50% or best fit, or if I just drag the resize handles to the size that I want, but the recipient receives the message with images overflowing off the sides. Not only will they not want to look at the images, but also it again makes it seem like I am unprofessional and do not not know how to use Outlook like an adult.


I do not see an option to repair. I have not found any sensible answers online to address and fix permanently. This only happens in Outlook New and I need to know how to have this repaired. Or am I just supposed to stop using inline images and a logo in the signature.


Outlook images too big. Signature looks ridiculous. Image resize dimensions are non-functional. Fix it, please.


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Hi yes I'm having the same trouble..... though I suddenly have lost the handle function in my emails so now i only have the option of SML image resizing. very frustrating. I use screenshots all the time. I'll need to go back to the old outlook.