Outlook for Android Login Error

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I have a user with an Android device trying to get Outlook for Android to work.

She has the latest version, we've uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled, cleared all devices from her mailbox in O365, cleared cache, tried cell connection/Wifi, and we don't have any restrictive MDM or MAM rules.

When she tries to login it says "Login Error, The connection to your mail server timed out. Please check your mail settings." Unfortunately with the app you can't check the settings to verify and when she tries the Support Link it just spins and she can't get assistance.



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I have a few questions to ask you for the following scenarios.,

1. is she able to login to Outlook Web Access.

2. can you share the screenshot of the mobile error.

3. through which mobile app is she trying to connect office 365.

4. which office 365 subscription is she using.


Please reply to this post to give appropriate answer as earliest.




  1. Yes.
  2. The error is what I stated in my original post.
  3. As stated in the original post, Outlook for Android.
  4. G3

Thanks for information.., As i came across i found that Office 365 G3 doesn't support MDM
but i don't have confirmation on this. so you can check the by yourself by signing in to OWA then "goto settings select office 365 then select my account there you can see your install status" refer the screenshot attached and the link too.
i have few more questions
1. is exchange server is hosted by your data-center or Microsoft. "if encase of exchange is managed by your data center then you need to check with exchange settings."
2. is auto discover is enabled in settings?


the reason you are facing login issue due to the "auto discovering certificate isuue"


Sorry, but you didn't read my post carefully as your proposed solution has nothing to do with the issue.

Anyway, thanks for the attempt.

sorry to here that, Please refer the below links that may help..


1. Enroll your mobile device in Office 365

2. Set up Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Office 365


  • Autodiscover   The Autodiscover service feature automatically configures Outlook to work with Exchange Online. Outlook users can receive their required profile settings directly from Exchange Online the first time they sign in with their email address and password. These settings automatically update the Outlook client with the information necessary to create and maintain the user's profile. An SSL certificate is required to use the Autodiscover service. This SSL certificate is limited to a single primary SSL domain.

  • Cached Exchange Mode   The Cached Exchange Mode feature allows Outlook users to access local copies of their Exchange Online mailboxes when they are not connected to the Internet. Cached Exchange Mode retains a client-side copy of users’ Exchange mailboxes in Outlook and automatically synchronizes this copy with the email server. We recommend using Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode because it provides offline access and helps to provide a responsive user experience even when network conditions between the client and the server are not ideal.

Hi Cary,


Did you find a solution? Having the same problem here ...


No solution.

The user finally gave up on using Outlook for Android.

I have a solution that I hope helps people. I was attempting to login to a secondary email address, Gmail. I had originally signed in with an Office 365 email. The app had a check mark next to that email. Thinking nothing of it I left it, then I tried unchecking it, and a skip button replaced the add account button. Clicked skip added my emails and it worked. Hope this helps.


Just to follow up with this old thread, the newer versions of Outlook for iOS & Android have been improved and my users are able to use them.


Sorry, obviously you too did not read my original post nor the post that I gave a follow-up response.

You're reply has nothing to do with my original post. Thanks for trying.



@Akshay_Mane wrote:
  • Check your email account and password and try entering your information again.

  • Make sure your email account is supported. You can add accounts from Office 365, Exchange Online, Exchange Server (2007 SP2, 2010, 2013), Outlook.com (including Hotmail, Live, and MSN), Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! Mail.

    If you're not sure which type of email account you have, check with your workplace support team, email provider or Internet service provider (ISP).

  • If you can't sign in to an account that you've already added, remove your account, then add it again.

The official Microsoft Exchange online link is this:


Not the one in your comment


I faced the same issue. I uninstalled the app from mobile. Deleted all related file as well (cache for outlook) and then reinstalled the app. Login was successful !

Can you please detail the procedure to "Deleted all related file as well (cache for outlook)"  I'm seeing this same issue with a growing number of existing users since last week.  not sure if it was an app update or android update, but five users so far are reporting this issue and can't get them reconnected to exchange in outlook for android.  Native email app still works fine.  @Prajoth 

@Brian Burnett 


I, too have had issues since the 16th with our on prem Exchange connection. Only affecting Outlook Mobile on Android. I can confirm two organizations with the same issue. I have an open ticket that was escalated about it but no progress so far. I tried messing with the email address (our environment uses firstname.lastname) and for some odd reason, putting in just my firstname@ourdomain.com, it sets up the profile and syncs mail! I'm guessing it uses the domain\username field to tie back to the correct account. Extremely odd.

So using internal username@internaldomain.com  in the user name field, rather than internaldomain\username?  or in the email address field using internalname@internaldomain.com rather than external.email@externaldomain.com ? @Mike_86 

@Brian Burnett 


Neither. Literally putting in just the firstname@externaldomain.com for the email address (keeping yourdomain\internalusername for username field the same) gets it to authenticate and sync mail. I can't understand why either as that's not a valid email name.



I just tried adding my account the normal way with full email address and it went through! I also confirmed the other company's email account is also adding properly. I believe it's been fixed.

Server timed out



This method allow me to log the device onto the server (crazy, since the email address is invalid!)  I can receive messages on the device but cannot send.  


Were you able to send with this method?


Thanks to anyone out there that has an update on this.