outlook and google 2 stage verification

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Hi , im just about going loopy with this stupid google security sys, i have activated google 2 stage and have managed to get my main Gmail account working on Outlook 2021, however i have another 2 Gmail accounts that will not work on Outlook, they continually ask for passwords and i have tried every combination of passwords old and the new 2 stage, but nothing allows the other accounts to work on outlook, i guess i must be doing something wrong , can anybody assist please

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Hi @bryfly 

Gmail less secure apps being locked down - Microsoft Tech Community

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@Andrzej1  Hi thanks for the info, I have figured it out now, i have to go into each Gmail account separately  and turn on 2 stage for each account, as i use Mailwasher as well i have to go into all gmail accounts again and set them up for Mailwasher , why couldnt they just leave well alone..