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I got this popup recently, when I open Outlook. When I close it, it immediately reopens back up. I have to close it about five times before it goes away for good (until I close and re-open Outlook of course). If instead of closing it, I input my password, then it asks me to either allow or deny access for Microsoft to access my Google Account.


Ive tried most every posible remedy.  Im a disabled first responder and this has almost shut me down from using Outlook, as every few seconds  have to click it three to five times.  It just started doing it.


My credentials are 100% correct with google and microsoft.  Entering correct credentials has no effect.  


Any help wll be appreciated.

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if you didn't try this yet, you can follow these steps:

1. Remove the Account: If you are encountering issues with work or school account pop-ups on Microsoft Office 365, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts’ > ‘Work or School Account’ > remove the accounts listed underneath.
Remove or delete an email account from Classic Outlook for Windows - Microsoft Support
How do you remove email accounts and profile - Microsoft Community

2. Clear Windows Credentials: Go to Control Panel, User Account, Manage Windows Credentials. Remove all the credentials associated with your Office 365 account and restart your computer.
Accessing Credential Manager - Microsoft Support

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