O365 Message Encryption on Outlook client

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I'm running Version 1902 (Build 11328.20230 Click-to-Run), and have given myself a EMS E3 license, on top of O365 E2 and O365 ProPlus.


The O365 Message Encryption functionality has appeared on OWA, but not in my Outlook client. Are there any other hoops I have to jump through? Am I being impatient and it takes time for the client to recognise the new license?

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A weekend has passed, and I still don't have the option appearing in Outlook.  Can anyone confirm if the license options I have should enable this functionality.  As I mentioned above, I do have the Protect option available to me in OWA.

Now on 1902 (Build 11328.20392 Click-to-Run), and using Microsoft 365 E3 license.


Have confirmed that AzureRMSLicensingEnabled (Get-IRMConfigurations) is set to True.


Encrypt button appears in OWA with four permission options:


Can anyone shed any light on where to look next?

@Lloyd Adams I'm having the same issue. Have you had any luck?

@sg123- working for us now.  Apparently it was a Group Policy.  I'll try and speak to the engineer tomorrow if I get a chance to find out which policy

@sg123According to my colleague, he thinks the GPO was Turn off Information Rights Management User Interface.  Hope that helps