New updates to Outlook for Mac


Hello Mac Outlook users!


We've recently shipped a new updates to Insider Fast users that includes three new features for Outlook that were based on your feedback. In our newest blog post, Priya Ganta, a Program Manager on the Outlook teams talks about how you can combine multiple mailboxes into one unified inbox, giving you a one stop shop to view all your important emails. She also talks about how you can now search multiple mailboxes at once and some new MailTips. To learn more about these new features available to Insider Fast and how to use them in our latest blog post.




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There are some great additions here.  I've been able to use the unified inbox for a long time though, so this is not a brand new feature right?


Mailtips are much needed and one particular customer of mine will be delighted with this.


One thing that keep me switching back to the old Outlook for Mac experience though is that shared calendar availability does not work/work well.  Are you looking into this feature in the new version of Outlook please?  It works perfectly in the older experience.


Thank you. 

@PeterRising It's been out for a little over a month in the New Outlook for Insider Fast users. For the shared calendar, I don't have any details to share at the moment but if you haven't already, be sure to send feedback about this through the app.