New Outlook for Mac

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Switched to try but I run into several issues after 1 day of trial

- Shared email inboxes not available

- Drafts do not open in a new window but in the app - so when you need to check another email for input you can't flick between app windows but have to go back to drafts folder and then re-open the message (unless I missed something

- When I send messages, it sends it, but the message also remains open in "edit mode" - very strange as if you haven't sent it, which freaked me out a couple of times. You have to go to another message and then come back for this "edit mode"to disappear.

- I wanted to edit some recipients in an email - selecting one of the middle ones, I clicked delete, but it deleted the last one instead. When I wanted to cmd Z to undo, that didn't work either. Very annoying because I didn't know which recipient I had accidentally deleted.


So my conclusion is that there are still quite a few bugs to fix and creases to iron out. I'm switching back for the moment.

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