Microsoft 365 Office / Outlook for Mac Search not working

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Since I migrated to a new Mac with M1 and Ventura 13.1, all of my spotlight search for Office is not working.  I have done everything as far as troubleshooting as well (reindexing, remove and reinstall, terminal commands for index off and on and mdImport, moving .sql file, running updates). Nothing has worked. I called Apple, they said it was Microsoft blocking Spotlight. I called Microsoft and they said it was an Apple issue. I have an On-Prem Exchange account so I cannot move to New Outlook. This is killing my business as I cannot search emails, calendars, Word docs or anything in  Microsoft Applications which is a core function of how I make a living! I have been dealing with this since July! HELP!!

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I have the same problem -- just got a new MacBook Pro, and the search in both Finder and Outlook do not work!

@TedinLDE same problem here. Re-index, re-install ... doesn't solve the problem. Here on a MacBook Air M2 and MacOS Ventura.


There is definitely some kind of issue with OneDrive and Spotlight search that is specific to Apple silicon Macs.

I have OneDrive 23.007.0109.0004 (Standalone) installed on an Intel iMac and Spotlight search works fine: I can find OneDrive documents and they open with the proper application (Word, for example) if I click on a search result.

I have OneDrive 23.007.0109.0004 (Standalone) (Apple silicon) installed on an M1 MacBook Pro and I frequently have trouble with Spotlight search of OneDrive. I can fix the broken searches by rebuilding the indexes, but even after rebuilding I find that the documents cannot be opened by clicking on them in the Spotlight search results; nothing happens! If I click Search in Finder from Spotlight, then the documents do open with the proper application (Word, for example) if I click on a search result in the Finder window, so I know there is not a problem with the documents or the applications.


My problem is described exactly by this Microsoft Community forum post, but I was unable to comment there because it is locked…despite the fact that this is still very much a problem!