Meeting Response Sorting

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When is Microsoft ever going to add functionality to allow a meeting owner to sort or filter their meeting responses by Accepted, Declined and Tentative? This has been my greatest ongoing struggle with meeting planning Outlook.

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@AndiRobinson Has there been any response to this request? I think anyone that uses Outlook and is cognizant of sending repeat invitations to people who have already declined could use this functionallity.

I would love to see a solution to this problem as well. Seems like such a basic function, that should exist.
Completely agree with OP. First, sorting by Accepted, Declined, and Tentative is sorely missing and should be a top priority for development but it would also be nice to sort alphabetically by email/contact, too. The Tracking tab is just a mess without any of this functionality.



So I accidentally came across a bit of a work around for this. It's not perfect but at least it's something.


When you get an Accepted, Tentative, or Declined response to a meeting invite, double click on the message and there will be a neatly sorted list that looks like this:


Accepted   John Doe; 
Tentative    Jane Doe;
Declined    John Doe Jr.;


This seems like a somewhat decent way to sort for now, but there should definitely be a sorting option within the tracking tab.

I would also like to sort by name.