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I'm seeing this feature in Outlook on the web, but it seems not finalized yet: Participants of the poll receive the poll notification, they can vote, but as an organizer I don't receive notifications when people have voted. Not useable at this stage.

I could find an entry in the roadmap about it, but no information here or the blogs.

Where could we find some information about what the target end user experience will be (user story)?


Roadmap abstract:

Meeting poll in Outlook (Rolling Out)
Set up meetings with people you can't see their free/busy schedules with a meeting poll.Now when you send a Calendar invite you can add different time/day options for your invitees to vote on. Based on results organizer can schedule based on majority or attendee importance.Meeting poll will be available through Outlook on the web.
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This functionality is currently available from FindTime. I suspect it will be this functionality that will be rolled natively into the product.

I just heard via Microsoft Education webcast that the FindTime product from the Microsoft Garage is being rolled into Office 365.


Discovered yesterday evening in OWA (only). Works fine with a couple of E1/E3 licences.

Very nice and seems to be working. So finally a decent alternative to DOODLE ?

But unfortunately it does NOT seem available for BUSINESS PREMIUM licences ! :-((((

Can you confirm ? Will it be in future ? We really need it.

Will it be implemented in outlook PC version too?


UPDATE: since some days, no more available in E1,E3 and Business premium licenses ... :-(((

FindTime is not longer available an the new Meeting Poll Feature works only for OWA.

When will it come to Outlook?

I just noticed another thing missing between FindTime and Find a Time. You can choose multiple times but you're unable to indicate your preferred time.

Has anyone found any further information about the Find a Time feature our product is Office 365 Government E3 and Find a Time is not available here either!

Hi @Fredric Christian

in our tenant, the E3 commercial licences have regular access...

Unfortunately NOT the E1 and neither the business premium (we have many of them).

Probably in MS believe tha only in big companies the meetings are organized !!! :-(((

Very messy/confusional service deployment. :-(((



Hi all.

Please take note that in our tenant meeting poll function now fully works with E3 - E1 - Business Premium licences (only OWA) !!!

... and in HOTMAIL too !!


Tested the meeting poll with 3 slots. I invited a separate account and when I responded that 2 of those options worked Outlook automatically chose the first one and scheduled it. However, there were 2 possibilities. Outlook could have sent a message and even marked the first one as a tentative meeting, but it should have given the organizer the option to choose which of the 2 possibilities were going to be the final option.

Furthermore: I create a poll with title "Meeting". After sendind out the poll start the title is changed in "HOLD" (in italian "IN SOPSESO"). After the "autoconfirmation" the HOLD part of the title is NOT removed, so everybody in their calendar see "HOLD:meeting".
please FIX !

I cloud not find this function in my work environment(Office 365 E5).

Are there any prerequisites to enable this function?

You can find the instructions here.