Mail & Calendar Apps Will Be Replaced with New Outlook for Windows December 2024


Original Publish Date: June 2023 | MC650424 Revised Date: August 30, 2023, based on Microsoft's Updated Message See text in red font.


Microsoft's revised announcement states that the Mail and Calendar Apps will no longer be supported at the end of 2024 and will become the New Outlook for Windows. In the meantime, users are encouraged to try the New Outlook for Windows while they can switch back and forth between the Mail App and New Outlook versions. 


At the beginning of 2024, all Windows 11 devices will include the Free version of New Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox application.


Supported Accounts: The new Outlook for Windows can currently support Microsoft 365 consumer accounts such as,, and, as well as Microsoft 365 work or school accounts and Gmail. In the near future, we plan to add support for Yahoo!, iCloud, and other email providers through IMAP and POP. Stay tuned. 


For those who want to learn more about the exciting features of the New Outlook, head over to New Outlook for Windows - YouTube for a series of how-to videos. And don't miss out on the advantages of being an early adopter - check out this must-see video to encourage a smooth transition.


Share how you use the classic feature to give Microsoft constructive feedback on missing features. To do so, select the Help option in the ribbon while in New Outlook.


Microsoft Message Center Details In Part

MC590123 · Published Jun 2023. Revised to include new information August 30, 2023

We will replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows with the new Outlook for Windows by the end of 2024.

After this change is implemented:

  1. Users can no longer use or download the Mail and Calendar apps.
  2. Users with a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription with access to the Microsoft 365 desktop apps can use the new Outlook for Windows.
  3. Users can use the new Outlook for Windows with any personal email account (, Gmail, etc.), even without a subscription. 
    • If you would like to prevent users from adding their corporate email accounts to the new Outlook, you can follow the instructions in this document to disable the application for a single user, group of users, or the whole tenant: 
    • In mid-September 2023, we will begin auto-migrating Mail & Calendar app users to the new Outlook for Windows with an option to go back if they choose. Users can return to the current Mail & Calendar apps by clicking the toggle in the new Outlook for Windows. We also want to reiterate that these changes will not affect your organization’s use of classic Outlook for Windows. 

What you need to do to prepare:

There is nothing you do to prepare now, but we recommend you:

  1. Let your Microsoft Windows users know about the change to the Mail and Calendar apps
  2. Start trying and testing the new Outlook for Windows
  3. Read this support article - Getting started with the new Outlook for Windows
  4. Read this article communicating the change - 
  5. Read this article: Windows Mail, Calendar and People are becoming Outlook - Microsoft Support


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I've checked out the new Outlook.  I'm not liking the calendar changes at all.  I work in an office where I have multiple staff calendars open.  They no longer auto adjust to view all on one screen and no overlay feature (which I didn't like anyway). I see you can scroll back and forth, but that is more bothersome in a busy office.   I also see the Card option for viewing contacts is no longer in the program.  I know there's still over a year before it comes out so hopefully they'll put these features back in.


Thank you.



Thank you for sharing your experience. I will add these features to my watch list.


I encourage you to give MS feedback.


Stay connected.




What about tasks? that's literally the whole best thing about Outlook and we're scrapping it? I really wouldn't know what to do with that feature.

@Teresa_Cyrus It appears that with the removal of com applications, multiple third party apps are going to break sadly.  Personally we are noticing Boldon James classifier and Proofpoint's phish reporting application break.


Are there plans to eventually integrate add-ins back to the ribbon?

@eric watkins I assume that you are a user of the desktop Outlook application?  While the new Outlook can be accessed from the desktop Outlook application, I believe that it is a substitute for the Windows Mail application, and hopefully it will not be a replacement for the desktop application for at the moment, at least, it does not support any automation.

Hi @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP,


in fact the "new" Outlook supports automation via JavaScript add-ins. 

@Victor Ivanidze But not VBA and I'm too old to learn a new language and how to get it to integrate Excel, Word and Outlook in an application such as my MergeTools Add-in -


@eric watkins 


Thank you for sharing your experience. Just remember, I am an independent advisor, so here are my comments.


You're the first to mention issues with add-ins not functioning properly. I'll need to investigate further to determine the cause.


My initial thoughts are that third-party apps must be compatible due to Microsoft's shift from classic to modern Outlook. It may also be helpful to reach out to the makers of the third-party apps to inquire about their plans. In some cases, these makers may release an application without providing updates for future development.


Also, please give MS the feedback by hitting the Help button and selecting Feedback. 


If you find this information helpful, please mark it as the best response or like it which will help others.




Hi @Eve_Simple 


In the calendar app, the tasks manager converts to the To-Do App. It is very different than the Tasks Manager, so I encourage you to get familiar with it.


It is the next video on my channel, I will create. :lol:
So, stay connected.

Correct, the "new outlook" experience is also coming to office 365 users, so it impacts that as well. The issue that i was referring to seems to be related to the switch from com add-ins to web based add ins (as the new outlook is really an updated OWA imho).

I get why they are trying to slowly move everything to the OWA route, i predicted it 10 years ago lol, but sadly third party developers are far behind on the new add-in models, as in some cases like boldon james classifier it requires a new model for their backend architecture to support it.

For your automation issue, i expect the push will be to move that stuff to power platform, which has a lot of stuff already pre-configured for stuff like moving attachments to onedrive, etc.
thanks, i have reached out to the third parties involved, one has documentation around how to move forward (proofpoint), while the other i dont hold out much hope for (boldon james classifier) as it looks like they need to update their architecture to support web calls.

@eric watkins 


Thank you for sharing. Your response will definitely assist others. 

I will stop my investigation.



The new app connects fine to my Gmail but does not show any messages. No change after deleting the account & re-connect.

There are also new bugs in the older app (Mail) but no place to report them...
Is this downgrade going to be forced on Office 2021 users as well next year, or only those with 365 subscriptions?

Hi @Yuval Welis,


Please update your version of the old Mail Application in the Microsoft Store. See the image below of my Mail App version, then try to connect to Gmail again.  Also, you should have the Help | Support. 


Let me know if this works for you.




Hi @phen314,


Based on my understanding of Office 2021. It is a one-time purchase and download. You will not get any new features. These changes should not impact you. 


Great question. Thanks for asking. This question will help other Office 2021 users. 






my version is 1.2023.616.100 & 20230623002.12


I don't see any update yet. I Hope it will come soon.  


Just got updated on one of my PCs. But no joy - still no visible messages on the Gmal account in the app,
Is there any hope of adding the features of the current Outlook to new Outlook? It would take the rest of the day to list the missing features.