Lost all my Outlook Contacts and Calendar entries.

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Hi All,

Haven't used a forum before but hope someone can help me or maybe just confirm that I am doomed!

I recently had to delete and reinstate my btinternet mail IMAP mail connection.  I then found that deleting this caused all my Outlook Contact and my Outlook Calendar entries to be deleted.  Scouring the web I fould this is a known problem which Microsoft identified a year ago and are "investigating". Does anyone know if there is any way in which I can recover my Contact and Calendar entries?

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Many thanks for your response. 

Unfortunately I do not have a back file.  I had hoped that Windows would have made an automatic backup at some stage expecially since deleting the email connection in Outlook deleted all my Contacts and Calendar entries with no warning.  I have talked to Microsoft and apparently this problme which is a year old has not been fixed.