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We’re launching the beta, an opt-in web experience where you can try out new product innovations and let us know what you think. Recent advances in programming, design, and artificial intelligence have enabled our engineers and designers to improve the web experience in several areas—and we’re eager to get your feedback. If you enjoy being a part of what’s next, just click the Try the beta toggle, rolling out to all users in the next few weeks. You can test drive our new experience and switch back to the regular web experience any time.

Read more about it here.

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Great just got it in my Office 365 Tenant.


When you say always think you're just referring to the public client, but I guess you meam Outlook on the web, or Mail in Office 365, or OWA , Or... :) any other name the Business version has had over it's life.


Didn't think the old one was bad, but loving the responsivness and slickness of the new one even more!

Is there a way to toggle the beta back on?  I got the notice turned beta on got a fat finger and turned it off.  Would like to turn it back on.

You should just be able to change the URL and it will show the new interface

Which URL are you referring to?

Ahh tx. Does not work now, as I understand it was a glitch for O365 to see this now. I had it for like few minutes yesterday before it dissapeard again (o365 e user).

However this link works, which give a bit of the look :


But the url /mail/ is redirected to /owa/ for o365 yet.....

Yeah I noticed that also, Production is Test now days right? :)

:) ...

When will this be turned on in Office 365, was able to do the URL hack like the first day or so, now still doesn't work and still haven't got the option to turn on. Can't find it in admin settings either. =/

Haven't heard anything but really hope they roll-out the changes to Mail and not just, Mail is so old now

I spoke with an office 365 support agent and his predicted was that it would be released to Office 365 in the first half of 2018. Not much to go off of as of now. 


having tried the beta outlook now I (for the first time) feel I need to give some feedback. The new layouts etc are all very well but I’d be more impressed with the beta form if the spam and phishing blocks worked.

If I mark something phishing I still get it for days after.

If I block something it still appears even though the address is added to the blocked list. They change the bit before the @ slightly.

If I manually add the address after the @ to the blocked list it still carries on appearing. Basically they add something else into it. eg.

My blocked list is just about full now being limited to 1024 items.

surely your AI should have enough examples by now to do a better job.


mike westbury



My computer/Outlook automatically updated my outlook to the beta and I hate it to the extreme. Is there any way to change it back to the one before this beta because I'm not seeing the toggle bar where I can switch it back.

I'm seeing the toggle in my tenant, in the top right corner.