How to snooze an email in the desktop version of Outlook?

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In the mobile app of Outlook, there is an option to snooze an email to a specific date and time. In that specific time, the email will go back to the inbox. Usefull if you are running inbox zero.

How do I find the same option in the desktop version of Outlook?

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Hi @JacKonZ 


Kindly follow 

1. Select the email or right click the selected email 

2. Click on Follow-up > Add Reminder

This will give you the option to set reminder and snooze the email option when the reminder pops up.




Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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@JacKonZ  Outlook desktop doesn't yet have the snooze option. You will need to outlook on the web or outlook mobile to snooze messages. 


If you set a flag, you'll need to move the message out of the inbox yourself if you want it out of sight until the reminder time.  

@Diane Poremsky 

Are you familier maybe with 3rd party tools that offer this for outlook?

@Faraz Shaikh 

Thank for the idea, but I already tried that, it's not easy working with those reminders.


I really need to sort this out, I'm inbox zero type of guy and this is really driving me crazy.

@JacKonZ Boomerang will do it and has a certain amount of free usage.

@Diane Poremsky 

Hello. That company is defunct (there is no support, but they will auto-take your money for a purchase). However, a very similar, and perhaps better version (with support) is 'SimplyFile' from a company called TechHit. I am a user, no other vested interest. The focus of the add-in is intelligent one-click filing of your emails, but one of the other features is snoozing emails.

Note, I am talking about Outlook for desktop - PC.

All the best, Desmond.



Not available yet. You can vote for this option to be introduced into the desktop version:

Outlook UserVoice is dead - you can leave feedback (using Outlook's Help > Feedback menu) but won't see and can't vote on others feedback.

Just found that out, Diane! Oh well, feedback it'll have to be, my version, it's in the ribbon under Help > Suggest a feature.
I keep forgetting that only the insider builds (or at least the Beta version) has Feedback. :(
Works like a charm. Thanks, Desmond!
I'm going to try this. Thanks, Desmond!

@JacKonZ yes! You should try, it's free, I'm a consultant full time and receive loads of emails, it really helps a lot. I know the founders who did it, 2 Berkeley students, very good people. 

@JacKonZ yes! You should try, it's free, I'm a consultant full time and receive loads of emails, it really helps a lot. I know the founders who did it, 2 Berkeley students, very good people. Rn they are wroking on an AI that will even filter the junk emails, newsletters, promotions and unimportant emails that get to your inbox and displaying them on a different folder. 


a bit late to the party, but the snoozed email is moved to the Snoozed folder.  So a quick step that:


sets reminder in xx days

moves to the snoozed folder



I agree with you 1000%. It is such an awkward and long workflow to use flags. I have resorted to a third-party email client for this reason. 


Please Microsoft. You have the feature in your web app, add it to you desktop app... 

Had not thought of this before! if you snooze on your phone, it ALSO snoozes the message in your inbox on Desktop.

I just had a PERFECT example of a tracking number that does not come up in UPS's system yet, but probably will tomorrow morning, so snoozed it on my phone, which I keep on a stand right next to my keyboard, and expect to see this message at 8AM in my inbox tomorrow !

I just saw this thread and you've prpobably already found a good solution, but I'm adding this to my organizational tools!