How do I prevent double calendar appointments in 365

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Is there a way to prevent someone from adding an appointment to a 365 calendar if there is already an appointment for the date and time they are trying to add a calendar event?


I want to prevent from happening what is shown in the image so that appointment 2 can not be added where there is already an appointment.



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What kind of mailbox are we talking about? For Room/equipment mailboxes you can enable the resource processing attendant, which automatically resolves conflicts (prevents double-booking). This only applies to meeting request sent to the mailbox though, scenarios where the appointment is created directly in the Calendar are not supported. And does not apply to user mailboxes.

@VasilMichev  I have a similar question and I did not understand your response.  I have several administrative staff setting appointments.  Is there a notification setting or actual block to prevent double booking?  If so how do I implement