Group Mailbox vs Shared Mailboxes in 2021 - what is your approach and why?

Steel Contributor

As I'm learning about the slight differences between shared inboxes versus group inboxes, it's becoming less-clear to me when I should recommend one vs another to a client.


Some example differences are:


Do you recommend using the group mailbox and calendar, or do you still prefer the shared mailbox?  

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It really depends on the intended usage scenarios. Groups are a great replacement for DLs, but not as good as replacing Shared mailboxes. Apart from the features you listed above, you will loose access to things such as rules, categories, flagging items, heck even accessing Sent Items/Deleted items is not possible.

@Vasil Michev agreed.  It's kind of hard to ignore how many basic features are (still) missing from Group mailboxes.  It's about as basic as they come.