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I am a member of multiple group emails. I receive all of these to my inbox, but typically delete them because I am able to access the emails through the group as well. On one of my groups it will not show me any recent emails. I am still getting them to my inbox, but if i go to the actual group the last email i can see is from July 26th, and everything before. Please help me resolve this issue as I cannot keep all of these in my inbox (due to mass amounts of emails being sent to that) but I still need access to view all emails for this group. 

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It's likely an issue with the local cache. Open the group via the webmail/OWA to confirm - if you can see the messages therein, recreate the local Outlook profile.

@Vasil Michev I am able to view them when I access through the web. What does it mean to recreat the local outlook profile?

Basically, to reconfigure Outlook and start fresh. Follow the instructions here:
You don't need to delete the existing profile, you can do so after you've verified the issue is resolved and no data is lost.