Gmail Option is gone on

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Hey guys, when using web-based Outlook at, I had enabled this Gmail option which would place a small Gmail icon underneath my regular email. Well, a couple of week ago I noticed it wasn't there, but there still was the "mail plus" looking icon. I clicked on that and it gave an option to connect to Gmail, but after doing so, it opens to an older looking web-based Outlook. On this older looking web-based Outlook, there is a ticker to "Try the Beta," but when I click it, it opens up the nicer looking web-based Outlook, but Gmail is gone. Does anyone know how to fix this or what might have happened?

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Here is a screenshot. When I hover over the "email plus" icon, it says "Add Gmail Account". This is where it used to show a Gmail icon after connecting to Gmail, and I could check my gmail within Now when I click that icon, it pull up the OAuth page to connect to Gmail, then loads Gmail up on the older looking (2nd screenshot)





@davidmshores I've noticed exactly the same thing in the last couple of days. I can only assume Microsoft have removed support for it. I can seem to add my gmail account back in - when I try I just see empty mailbox folders from gmail. 

I've managed to get things working again this evening but not without a lot of investigation. Eventually I managed to get it working by unlinking the gmail account. Then log on to settings and ensure all labels were set to 'show' and all 'Show in IMAP' were checked.

Then I added my gmail account on and outlook for Mac (new style) and everything started syncing again - my gmail is once again available in Outlook.

@davidmshores so the option just turned up a couple of weeks ago. I went through the motions of adding it, and it actually worked. Not sure what caused the hiccup to begin with, but glad it's back.