Gmail (IMAP) in Outlook on Win11 doesn't work

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Hello everybody,

I bought a new windows11 computer and installed office on it, a month and a half ago.

I added my Gmail account for reading emails in Outlook via IMAP,

It worked great for approximately one week and then stopped working (didn't received new emails).

I tried to remove my account and add it again with no success.

after I read a post about a problem similar to mine (here for example: I tried to install other email client app (mozilla's thunderbird, windows mail) with no success. On windows Mail it doesn't work either.

I have another computer with Windows 10 installed on it and there it works well.

My Windows 11 is updated + optional updates.

Also saw this link but I'm not sure it's related.

I'm hopeless, could you help me please?

Thank you, Zvi

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is there a support phone number that I can call to? I cannot find one myself