Gmail (IMAP) in Outlook on Win11 doesn't work

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Hello everybody,

I bought a new windows11 computer and installed office on it, a month and a half ago.

I added my Gmail account for reading emails in Outlook via IMAP,

It worked great for approximately one week and then stopped working (didn't received new emails).

I tried to remove my account and add it again with no success.

after I read a post about a problem similar to mine (here for example: I tried to install other email client app (mozilla's thunderbird, windows mail) with no success. On windows Mail it doesn't work either.

I have another computer with Windows 10 installed on it and there it works well.

My Windows 11 is updated + optional updates.

Also saw this link but I'm not sure it's related.

I'm hopeless, could you help me please?

Thank you, Zvi

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is there a support phone number that I can call to? I cannot find one myself

@zfriedman I have had the same problem since update to windows 11 also. Gmail into Outlook 2019 doesnt work whether I use IMAP or POP. The first time it didnt work I thought it may have been my google/gmail password so I changed it and it worked - but only briefly (few days). It no longer works and no amount of changing gmail settings etc in Outlook is fixing the problem. Have you had any luck?

@zfriedman I just found the answer...
For security reasons, third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account, using only your username and password, are no longer supported by Google, as of 30 May, 2022

You now have to use an Application Password as your password to access Gmail from the third party app, (note special iPad/iPhone requirements there). If using Outlook, go to that section in the article.

Also make sure you have set up, and maintain, accessible recovery options for the Gmail account please. Both a recovery email, and a recovery 'phone number. Keep these updated as necessary. Without both of these, your Google account can't be recovered in case of a problem.

@johnodau  I'm having the same issue with Gmail and Outlook 365 on my new PC with Windows 11. Trying to add my gmail account to outlook using the automatic settings doesn't work. I get the following error "Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP): The server refused the connection." and "Send test email message: The server responded: 421 Cannot connect to SMT"


I've tried all the suggested fixes, but to no avail. This is puzzling to me as I would've thought Outlook would be compatible with Gmail. I've spent 3 hours troubleshooting and searching the forums for different solutions. 

@johnodau   this worked for me. generated an app password! Ty so much for posting!