Find Related option does not show results

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We have the outlook version:

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (version 2110 build 16.0.14527.20270) 64-bit

but Find Related option does not show results


Can someone help me please?


Thank you

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Found this problem today.

Had to rollback Office to the last 2109 build and then it worked again.

The issue is that the [] around the word conversation isn't being added to the search query. You can add it manually by editing the query in the text box.
Thanks a lot for the help, adding the [] if it works, the problem is the build.




Workaround #1 Moses3000 suggested using the brackets method:
The working syntax includes the bracket. That is [Conversation]:="Email Title." This feature is not working as the bracket is missed in the search syntax -> Converation:="Email Title." I encountered this issue when my computer upgraded to KB5007186.


Press Ctrl + E to get to the search bar.



Then type the [Conversation]:="whatever you are looking for goes within these quotation marks."

You can also click on the dropdown to choose where you want it to search. 





Workaround #2 I provided the Show as Conversation Feature.

You can bypass the manual effort with Find Related Conversations and enable the Show as Conversation feature.  This option groups all related messages automatically in ascending or descending order. You can expand to see all messages.  When you move an email to a folder and choose "all mailboxes," all conversations in the inbox, sent, and other folders are shown.


Give it a try.  You will no longer have to find conversations manually.


  • Select View | Add a checkmark by Show as Conversations | All mailboxes






Fix Response: Then SamuelPegg spoke to MS and confirmed that the Find Related Conversation feature is being investigated.  The Show as Conversation is the alternative feature, or you can revert to the previous version.  Read the entire thread for details about reinstalling the correct version. 
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