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Can anyone help with my Find Related Messages in this Conversation function not working?

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Noted, it is about the user preferences. I wanted to provide users with an alternative method.

Thank you @Moses3000 ! That works for me too. Please Microsoft, fix this bug!

Oh wow, microsoft breaking something that was not broken.
I had the same issue today, manually entering the [ ] into the search box was a work around but I was able to roll back to a pervious version ( Build 14326.20348 ) of Office 365 which resolved the issue and restored the find related search function without having the manually enter the brackets. I then disabled updates in office.
@Pernille-Eskebo, please fix this Find related option. It works on an old PC but not on the new one. @Moses3000 thank you for a workaround for now.

below is part of an email chain between MS and i, 


MD (Microsoft)
Wednesday, November 24, 2021 9:24 AM GMT

Greetings, Hope you are doing great today.
This is not an issue to resolve whereas it has been upgraded and provides a different way to meet the requirement.
In my previous email, I have provided an alternate way to meet the requirement. 
Besides, If you are familiar with the previous feature which was available for the previous version please re-install your application and download the previous version product.
And make sure it is Monthly Channel Version 1712 (Build 8827.2179).
Please follow the steps for changing the office installation option:
Note: By changing the office installation option, it will impact your entire organization.
Please do not hesitate if you have more quires. It is my pleasure to assist you. 

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Services Technical Support.

Best Regards,
Microsoft 365 Support Engineer
Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM UTC+8


Wednesday, November 24, 2021 9:07 AM GMT

Thank you for your reply,
Do you know when the issue is likely to be fixed please.
Thank you,
Kind Regards


MD (Microsoft)
Wednesday, November 24, 2021 2:55 AM GMT

Good day.
Thank you for your email.
I think you have missed my assessment in the previous email.
--The feature ''Find related in conversation'' has been depreciated by upgrading the application.
--Please use the alternate option which is ''show as conversation'' in the view settings or change the application version and return back to the previous version. 
--The Find Related option shows no results have been fixed in Monthly Channel Version 1712 (Build 8827.2179).
Please let me know if you have more quires.
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Services Technical Support.
Best Regards,
Microsoft 365 Support Engineer
Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM UTC+8

Thanks for the info @SamuelPegg.

This answer sounds very strange to me :

  • The "Find Related" function has been depreciated but not removed from the (context) menu.
  • This bug has been fixed almost 4 years ago and now reappeared.
  • If we want to keep this functionality we have to reinstall an Outlook version from 2017.
Increible que Microsoft de una respuesta tan mala, la funcionalidad dejó de funcionar, y es un comando que sigue apareciendo en la lista de opciones, deberian solucionarlo!!! :(
Found this conversation late this evening, as one of the senior managers in the company I work for had the very same problem. The manual bracket insertion fix worked, however its a bit of a numpty programming error by Microsoft that this bug occurred in the first instance!
My client liked this answer - it's a good work around

@Mark Deller Thanks.


@Florencio_Aldape @Hezrayan 

Just keeping you in the loop. 

SamuelPegg has confirmed with Microsoft that the Find Related Conversation feature was deprecated in the recent upgrade.  The Show as Conversation is the alternative feature, or you can revert to the previous version.  Read the entire thread for details about installing the correct version. 
Re: Find Related messages - Page 2 - Microsoft Tech Community



Finally I found this thread as I am looking for some assistance for over a week now.
My problem started slightly different as from an obvious update my Filter Option for Flagged Messages did not show any results anymore. Also all other Filters like "Has Attachment" went into "No Result".
I found a way via Search - Search Tools - Advanced Find - Tick option on 2nd tab, but this is a workaround. Then I realized this morning, that the FIND RELATED option also comes up with "No Result".

I "indexed" already all files, but without success.
What is weird for me, the "Bracket" workaround does also not show up any results.

@James_McQuaker1977 How to insert the brackets and where ? I do not find the solution?

How and where to insert the brackets please? I do not know how to do this?
How to insert the brackets and where please? I do not know how to do this
You can try to place the cursor again in the search bar and manually type the brackets.
subject your keyboard layout it should be ALT GR + 9 or 8.
What a bunch of morons this MS people.
"Hey yeah, that feature that we removed but didn't remove the menu for, is deprecated, so yeah, byeeee"


Press Ctrl + E to get to the search bar.


Then type the [Conversation]:="whatever you are looking for goes within these quotation marks."

You can also click on the dropdown to choose where you want it to search. 







No need to type this search filter manually.

  1. Open the context menu (right mouse click) on the mail you want to find the related messages for.
  2. Select Find Related / Messages in this Conversation function and click on the (pre-filled) search box to edit it and add the square brackets "[" and "]" around the word Conversation.