Drag and Drop Emails to Tasks with Multiple Accounts

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Hi All,


I couldn't find a related issue. I have 4 accounts setup in Outlook. (1 Personal, 1 Business, 1 Client all O365 and 1Gmail) When I am in lets say the client account working (not the default account), and I drag an email to Tasks to create a Task, that works but it shows the owner of the task as my personal account, which is also not the default account. 


I would think the owner of the task is the account you are working from but that's not the case. Any ideas/suggestions? I am not coming up with much.




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I recently encountered the same issue while using the New Outlook where tasks were being added to multiple accounts. It seems that tasks added to the To Do App (online version) were being associated with the last account I had signed into. However, I took the opportunity to provide feedback to Microsoft since the New Outlook is still in beta. Or MS missed functionality with hope they will fix it. So, I encourage you to give MS feedback.