Different Accounts Having Different Views

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When using Outlook desktop app on a new laptop my messages display in completely different view modes based on whether I am looking at my Microsoft Live/Outlook.com account or a Gmail account.


On the Outlook.com account the view is trying to show so many things that they are each compacted and it is completely worthless and unreadable: https://imgur.com/Z4pVvh0


However, on my Gmail account everything looks normal and the way I would want it to: https://imgur.com/X9cf0mq


Most importantly I would like to ask if someone knows how to fix this, as I could not find it from checking the view menus, but also why does this happen? Is this an intentional difference/extra feature for using an Outlook.com account? If so, pretty worthless feature at least the way it is set up off the bat.

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Try the settings under View > View settings > Other settings > Use compact layout...
The column sizes also need to be adjusted it seems, options for that are on the same dialog.
This worked perfectly; thank you very much!