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I left MS Outlook many years ago.  One of my primary frustrations at the time was an inability to set multiple reminders for a Calendar event.  (Google's Calendar offered this functionality.)  Fast forward nearly 10 years and I'm back to using Outlook but I still cannot set multiple reminders?  Or even change the reminder time to a custom setting. 


Surely this is possible...  I've been reading forums elsewhere and it sounds like MS users have been begging for this tool for years but it's fallen on deaf ears.?  Perhaps there is a good/simple workaround???  

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Hi @pknmscomm


I am an independent advisor responding to this inquiry.


I have good news for you. The Outlook Online version allows settings for single and multiple Email Reminders.  Check out the images below.







And, you can choose a custom time.



Copy of Email Reminder




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Teresa, any plans to enable this for full blown Outlook Windows / iOS app ?



Microsoft's roadmap does not mention a rollout date for Windows / Phones.